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Judge and Jury Online Slots

Welcome to the Wanted list.

We’ve finally brought you in, and in this courthouse, there’s only one man that matters – the Judge. With more than 117,000 ways to win your case and some great prizes, you had better be wearing your best suit. Watch that gavel! When it crashes down, you’re in for a surprise or two. Or, if you’re really lucky you can pay a visit to the I.D. Parade in Free Games. We’re sentencing you to some big prizes. Hope the Jury is on your side!

Visit the I.D. Parade during free games for a chance to win more free games, cash, or multipliers.

Order in the court! When the Judge brings down his gavel, you’re in for a random bonus or two.

Match the Wanted poster with one on the reels to claim the bounty – a great bonus prize.

Max Bet: £200