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Shamrock Money Pot 10K Ways

Bystanders give way and tip their hats to the stout Timmy O’Taters. Timmy’s bouncing stride gives away his jolly mood; the whole swanky attire is a sure tell of his enormous fortune.

Sleek green suit with boots and hat to match. Perfectly coiffured, deep red beard atop his fitted plaid waistcoat. And what’s that shiny thing almost crowning the ensemble, beaming a sunshine glint even brighter than his pot of gold? Why, it’s not just any lucky four leafed clover... it’s the fabled golden shamrock, only worn by the luckiest of leprechauns!

Shamrock Money Pot 10K WAYSTM boasts up to 10,000 ways to win. Each win may bring you a chain of explosions of additional wins. Awaiting within the Bonus Respins feature are prizes of magical proportions to be won.

Come along with jolly ole’ Timmy and embark on a lucrative journey to reach the end of the rainbow. Find the hidden pot of gold, filled with riches beyond your dreams.

With Timmy’s Golden Shamrock, the Luck of the Irish is on your side!