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Professor Clanks Combinator

Professor Clank is the most extraordinary inventor engineer; with his funky gear and trusty robot, he’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

He came into town and the most mysterious factory sprung up. The locals called it ‘The Foundry’ and in the heart of it lies a wondrous machine emitting strange lights and explosions – the professor’s pride and joy – his COMBINATOR!

A brand-new take on cascading gameplay, one might call it ‘reversed cascade’. Professor Clank’s Combinator symbol drops have it all!

Up to 707 ways to win; explosive reactions, morphing symbols and win boosters. A myriad of clankety sounds will accompany your existing play experience: Clank! Thud! Bang! Crash! Zing!

The game also comes with winning arsenal of the popular Bonus Respins feature; Feature Gamble up to 10x your feature wins; and Buy - a bonus available in selected jurisdictions. It’s a meta – winning combination of ingredients in Professor Clank’s Combinator!

Start your wonderful adventure inside the mystifying factory! Discover the secrets of Professor Clank and his Combinator. Amazing wins and great prizes are waiting for you inside!