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Gunslinger: Reloaded

This rootin’ tootin’ game is full to the brim with features. Amongst the can-can girls and cards on the reels there are plenty more Wanted features...

Shoot the Cards Jackpot

The top the reels sees a flush hand, collect the cards to create a full Flush, once this happens a deck of cards will fly, you need to be a sharpshooter! Once you shoot your shot the hit cards and their respective prizes will be revealed.

Bounty Hunt

Land three outlaw posters to enter an epic duel! Pick your opponent and duel by picking an option before it reaches you to reveal an instant prize. At the end of three rounds, a final round sees you predict your opponent's move as a final test of a skilled shooter!

Bottle (Free) Spins

Land three Whiskey Bottles of the reels, shoot one of the bottles to reveal a prize before the game takes you through to the Free Spins