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Loot Boost

Retro gaming and classic fruit slots come together in Loot Boost, a bright, accessible 5x4 reel that is friendly, but rich and deep enough for serious players too.

6 coins triggers the new ULTRA Link&Win™ feature, starting with 3 free respins on a 5x4 reel set with 3 extra rows, initially locked. Land cash coins, jackpot coins and special booster coins. There are 4 static prizes available in the feature, each triggered by landing its own unique coin. Key coins will unlock an additional row, and 2x coins will double a random number of cash prize coins when landed (max 4 coins). The Extra Life coin awards one extra spin when all respins are exhausted, for a chance to land an additional coin which will rest the counter to 3 and continue the session.

Should the player narrowly miss triggering ULTRA Link&Win™ with either 4 or 5 coins, they contribute to filling the Max Mode meter. When the Max Mode meter is full, the next ULTRA Link&Win™ feature will launch in Max Mode, with all rows unlocked and the full 5x7 reel set in play. Max Mode is locked in Free Spins and cannot be added to during Free Spins. However, if Free Spins is triggered with the Max Mode meter already full, then any and all ULTRA Link&Win™ triggers from within that Free Spins session will trigger in Max Mode.

The Feature Buy button allows players to purchase Free Spins, ULTRA Link&Win™, or ULTRA Link&Win™ Max Mode.

Loot Boost is Slingshot Studios love letter to retro console gaming with intentionally localized pixelization of win fx and symbol animations/ glows. The sound design compliments this homage, with fully realized instrumentation and great throwbacks to the era of retro console gaming for the Win FX.