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Aztec Triple Riches Power Combo

Gold Coin Studios is proud to present an exciting new player experience with Aztec Triple Riches Power Combo™!

Deep in the hidden mists of the jungle a fabulous city of riches has been discovered!

Featuring 3 prominent flame pots containing the mystical spirits of the Snake, Jaguar and Eagle! Land special colored animal coins to collect their essence, increasing the size of the flames. Watch the flames erupt to trigger Power Combo™ and award up to 3 powerful Link&Win™ features in a single spin!

Awaken the bold Snake spirit when 1 or more purple Snake coins are collected. Featuring the Link&Win™ Multiplier bonus, where each coin landing on a spin awards up to a 5x multiplier! The mighty Jaguar spirit is unleashed when 1 or more blue Jaguar coins are collected. Featuring the Link&Win™ Instant Collect bonus, where special Jaguar coins collect all values on the reels!

The majestic Eagle spirit will soar when 1 or more green Eagle coins are collected. Featuring the Link&Win™ Dual Bonus, where 2 independent arrays are awarded for double the potential! Increasing the riches to even greater heights, collect 5 Diamond symbols in any Link&Win™ bonus to discover the awesome Super Booster wheel feature! The Super Booster feature awards up to 10 bonus spins and up to 25x the bet on every spin! For real adventure seekers, activate the Win Booster™ option in the base game and guarantee the Super Booster feature in all Link&Win™ bonuses! Untold riches await!