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3 Powers of Zeus: POWER COMBO

Thundering down from Mount Olympus comes this 5-reel POWER COMBO game that can give players a god-like 7,776 ways to win! Each of Zeus’s three powers is a free-spins feature that brings its own thrill: With Wild Power, wild symbols expand to cover one position above and below where they landed. Rolling Power comes with Rolling Reels, where winning symbols disappear and are immediately replaced by new symbols, creating multiple chances to win on the same spin.

Just as exciting, each power comes with an extra row unlocked, increasing the odds of landing a win. When one power is activated, the grid grows to four rows and the number of ways shoots from 243 to 1,204. When two powers are combined, there are five rows in play and 3,125 ways. When all three powers are used in a POWER COMBO, the player gets an incredible six rows and the maximum number of ways.

The high-volatility slot is set to a rocking soundtrack and backed up by thunderclaps and stunning animations of the king of the Olympians. Mortals won’t be able to resist!