Buccaneer’s Bounty Leaderboard: Prize Pool of up to £75.000
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Buccaneer’s Bounty Leaderboard: Prize Pool of up to £75.000


Dive deep into the Buccaneer’s Bounty Leaderboard! Start your sea adventure from 1st May 2024 until 7th May 2024 22:59 GMT.

Participation is free, and the minimum bet amount is only £0.20 on selected participating Play’n Go games.

Total prize pool: £75,000

Join us and enjoy all your favourite Play’n Go slots


  • The Network promotion runs between Wednesday 01.05.2024 23:01 GMT and Tuesday 07.05.2024 22:59 GMT.
  • The promotion is based on the Leaderboard mechanic: the sum of the single highest Win in Relation to Bet on selected games.
  • The games participating in the Network promotion are: Boat Bonanza, Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch, Eye of the Kraken, Jolly Roger II, Mega Don: Feeding Frenzy, Mermaid’s Diamond, Octopus Treasure, Piranha Pays, Sea Hunter.
  • The total prize pool for the Network promotion is of £ 75.000 in cash prizes. The prize pool will be allocated amongst the winning players (the players who rank among the top 500 paid positions).
  • Any wagers placed with real balances, bonus balances or Free Games are considered for scoring purposes. Any jackpot wins are excluded from the score.
  • To take part in the Network promotion, players are required to opt-in upon launching any of this promotion’s qualifying games.
  • Leaderboard points are calculated when the game round is finalized, and the best scores are ranked on top of the leaderboard.
  • Sum of Single Highest Win in Relation to Bet formula: A formula which takes into account the player’s win relating to the bet amount
  • multiplier). Example: A player spins £ 10 and wins £ 50 in game 1 (score is 5), and spins £ 10 in game 2 and wins £ 20 (score is 2). The total score according to the formula will be Highest Score game 1 + Highest Score game 2 = 7.
  • In cases of equal scores, the players who achieved them first are classified higher in the leaderboard.
  • In cases of disconnections or general technical issues all spins affected are rendered void and might not be included in the promotion for scoring purposes.
  • The minimum bet to participate in the Network promotion is £0.20. There is no minimum deposit to be able to participate in the promotion. Qualifying bets are only those placed on any of the participating games.
  • This tournament’s prizes can be found under the prizes section of the promotion and in the below table. There are 500 paid positions, and therefore 500 prizes, within the promotional leaderboard.
  • Tournament prizes:


1 - £10,000

2 - £7,500

3 - £5,000

4 - £2,500

5 - 10 - £1,000

11 - 20 - £750

21 - £500

22 - 25 - £400

26 - £250

27 - 50 - £200

51- £175

52 - 100 - £150

101 - £135

102 - 200 - £100

201 - £75

202 - 350 - £50

351 - £45

352 - 400 - £35

401 - £30

402 - 500 - £25

  • The operator is responsible for crediting all corresponding cash prizes. Any winnings will be credited by the operator within 7 working days of the promotion ending.
  • Cash Prizes will be paid by an operator using the winning players’ play currency.
  • Wins may be subjected to an internal verification within Play’n GO.
  • The websites on which the players’ accounts are held, therefore the “operators”, reserve the right to disqualify players who are deemed to be abusing the promotional terms and conditions. Forms of abuse include but are not limited to a) creating more than one account in order to take advantage of the promotion; b) providing inaccurate registration data; c) using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxies in order to disguise the player’s real location; d) Any action which may indicate malicious manipulation of the casino system; e) using of unauthorized forms of payments; f) Any additional abusing behaviour stated in the operator’s General Terms and Conditions and Promotional Terms and Conditions.
  • The websites on which the players’ accounts are held, therefore Luck Casino, are the sole responsible entities to ensure that the promotion complies with their local laws and regulations (including its legality in the jurisdiction being promoted) and the terms of the promotion, including any changes thereof, shall be communicated to players in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Cash prizes do not have ANY wagering requirements.
  • Prizes paid while using bonus funds will be paid out in bonus funds. Wagering Requirements Apply. 35xWR.
  • Only verified Luck UK Casino Players are eligible to win the prizes.
  • Luck UK Casino reserves the right to not pay out a cash prize where the win results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game pay-outs) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games. Casino further reserves the right to not pay out a cash prize where, in its opinion, the win results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  • Luck UK Casino reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason and also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the offer. Previous terms and offers will be honored for players claiming up until the time of any change in the offer.
  • Luck UK Casino Promotional Terms & Conditions & General Terms and Conditions apply.

Last updated version: 30.04.2024